1. Thank you for the nice work.

    I am having problems with the TokenProvider. I am getting “invalid token” when using my own ArcGIS Server which is behind a java web adaptor. If I replaces the Token.Value with a token that I have manually generated by using “Request IP” I no longer have the problem.

    Any ideas?

    Best regards

    1. Hi Jonas, is the code that uses the token coming from the same location as the generate token request? If not then it will be a different request IP. If that doesn’t fix it then setting the client and referer parameters to null should do the trick. Currently the client has a private setter though so unless you want to get the code from GitHub and build it yourself you will have to wait for me to release an updated build. I will try push the fix out later today. Thanks for finding the issue though.


    2. Hi Jonas,

      should be fixed in v2.2.0. Just need to set the Client to null,

      public class SecureTokenProvider : TokenProvider
      public SecureTokenProvider(ISerializer serializer)
      : base(“server url”, “user”, “pass”, serializer)
      this.TokenRequest.Client = null;


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